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 about me 

Height: 6"0   |  Weight 175 lbs  |   Eye Color: Blue   |   Hair Color: Brown/Bald



Dir. Nicolas Gutierre        |   The Gamer            |  Lead Actor

Dir. Allison McCullough   |   Heavy Lifting         |  Lead Actor

Dir. Yoselin Splarzano      |   Vertrouen               |  Supporting Actor

Dir. Katherin Hussein       |   Simon Says             |  Supporting Actor

Dir. Angel Castellanos     |   Embrace the Suck   |  Supporting Actor


History Channel          |  Going Under: Aryan Nation  |  Featured


Oxygen Network         |   Three Days to Live              |  Featured

FYI, Fanciful Fox         |  Married at First Sight           |  Featured


Available upon request


Travisty Productions    |  Travisty                 |  Lead Actor

JASH                           |   Dad Friends        |   Featured

Kap Sized                    |   Facebook Pride   |   Featured

 Training & Workshops 

Groundlings                                                   Navaris Dawson, Jimmy Fowlie

Anthony Meindl's Actor's Workshop                        Sean Riley, Nina Rausch​

Killian's Commercial Workshop                                                   Jaret Sacrey


 Download Full Resume 
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